Clothes shrink do?

Because you don't know the characteristics of sportswear fabrics and cleaning methods incorrectly, form the appearance of clothes shrink, many housewives are trouble. See more Silk Clothing, cotton shirts and sweaters. None of these clothes are usually cheaper, reduced lost on one very sorry. If you want these clothes to prolonged wear, if you want to know how to avoid the clothes shrink, are sure to see the introduction below.

Fabric characteristics to understand, cotton shirts, silk dress and Cardigan are briefly shrink. Cotton clothes especially after shrinking cotton sportswear difficult rehabilitation, sweaters to the dry cleaners after long treatment and rehabilitation. How to avoid is the key to dealing with questions, usually some brief scrub conservation can help address these questions.

Shrunk cotton sportswear difficult after the rehabilitation, maintenance and it is particularly important to avoid. In the usual wash cotton clothes can be washed in salt water soak for half an hour before cleaning. Wash with warm water washing, washing agent used in long and do not soak. Brush selection approach is best washed by hand, if machine washing, keeping in mind not washing; to cotton clothes in a laundry bag in drum washing machine setting low scrub, exposure to stretch before spreading clothes.

Introduced sportswear wool shrink after treatment. In addition to said take it to the dry cleaners by professional treatment, day also has a lot of tips to assist with questions. After shrinking wool sportswear, clothes will be short and hard. At this time, witty ladies and gentlemen wrap Cardigan with a clean white cloth can, put it in the steamer steamed for ten minutes, take out, and tremors. Then on the table, beware of scales of sportswear wool cost of wool sportswear tiled in local ventilation after dried, dried wool sportswear rehabilitation of posture.

Finally would like to inform you, in addition to wash outside maintenance, buy athletic wear when it is essential to understand the shrinkage of the cloth and cleaning solution. Cotton clothes before wearing, first clean with salt water soak for half an hour after exposure to wear, and when you next wash, by accurate scrubbing approach would not attack clothes shrink. Hope these can help you deal with questions.

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